The Mandara Body Rituals

Massage Aroma Therapy (60 Minutes)



Feel your stresses go away as your therapist use relaxing patterns to manipulate your soft tissues, increase circulation and metabolism, and release tension.



Based on the principles of oriental medicine, your therapist uses palms, fingers and thumbs to gently balance and restore your Chi. Dry massage (no oil).



Relive your body from stress and aches with this combination of body reflexology techniques, including stretching. Feel lighter, invigorated and ready for the next days.

Mandara Signature Massage


Our customized, relaxing and healing strokes combined with our own blend healing olive and all-organic aromatic oils will take you into a trance. This massage will leave you feeling recuperated, reconnected mind, body and soul.

Hot Stone Massage


The healing power of nature’s harvested stones and combined therapeutic techniques warm you and bring you to a more tranquil state.

Four Hands Therapy


A truly inspiring and unforgettable spa experience, the medium pressure of Mandara’s Four Hands Therapy incorporates the exacting skills of two therapists working together in rhythmic tandem

Traditional Healing Massage By Master Healer (60 Minutes)

Authentic Hilot


A traditional Filipino massage that will surely heal and relieve the tired and tense body.  This therapy is ideal for those suffering from back pain, spasms, frozen shoulders, mis-aligned/compressed bones, fatigue, restlessness or simply for a deeper level of relaxation and wellness.

Pre/Post Natal Massage


Relieve discomfort, reduce stress, improve sleep and alleviate the many other various discomforts attributed to pregnancy (Physician approval required prior to booking an appointment)

Ventosa Cupping With Hilot (90 Mins)


A traditional Chinese form of massage that removes tissue congestion and muscles spasm also known to more Pinoys as lamig with the use of cups placed on various pressure points on the back.

Special Massage Therapy (60 Mins)



Experience total relaxation while ridding cellulites and toxins off your body with use of special slimming oil and massage techniques that focuses on areas that needs to be toned.



Enjoy a relaxing massage with benefits of skin whitening using special whitening oil and massage techniques.

Age Defying


Immerse yourself into a 60-minute massage using pure virgin coconut oil that not only regains your balance inside and out, but also leaves your skin tighter and younger-looking.

Scrubs And Wraps

The Scrub Ritual (30 Mins)


This all over body polish is sure to be invigorating. First, your skin is lightly brushed and stimulated by our Body Brush. This helps to eliminate dead skin on the surface of the body and promote lymph flow. Then an aromatic body scrub is applied to exfoliate and soften the skin while relaxing your mind and body. Finally, a soothing butter is applied to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and invigorated. Please see selection below.

The Masque And Wrap Ritual (30 Mins)


This treat will deeply hydrate your skin and senses using premium masques and aromatic oils. An aromatic body masque is applied followed by a 15 minute wrap to allow masque to deeply quench the thirsty skin while relaxing your mind and body. Finally, a soothing butter is applied to lock in the moisture leaving revitalized inside and out. Please see selection below.

Body Ritual Packages

Scrub And Massage (90 Mins)


Wrap And Massage (90 Mins)


Scrub, Masque Wrap, Massage (2 Hrs)


Our Selection Of Premium Scrubs And Wraps

  • Lavander Glow (Whitening + Relaxing)
  • Coffee (Anti-oxidant + Enlivening)
  • Green Tea  (Hyrdrating + Detoxifying)
  • Lemon Grass FOR HIM (Soothing + Energizing)
  • Mandara Signature (Healing + Noursihing + All organic)