Giving More Courage to Courageous Caities’ Mom Feliz Lucas

On May 15, 2016, the friends of Feliz Lucas, Courageous Caitie’s mom, treated Feliz to an afternoon of affirmation and relaxation with a spa party at The Mandara Spa – Greenhills Branch. The afternoon was filled with love, kind words and affirmation as the group was treated to a nice, quiet spa retreat with healthy [...]

Best Massage Spa in Paranaque

Best Massage Spa in Paranaque MANDARA – (Man-da-ra). Noun. Derived from two words – mana and dara, which means mind and single line. It is a sacred mountain in Hindu Mythology that served the gods by being the churning rod that mizes the ocean of milk. This mountain is not made of fragmented stones but [...]